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Content Strategy for Developers & Technical Audiences

Creating content just for the sake of it doesn’t do your brand any favors. Grab this in-depth guide to explore a strategy-focused approach to content creation—tailored from start to finish for technical audiences.


Boost your DevRel game!

Meet your peers all year-long, learn from each other and stay on the top of industry news. Join our DevRelX Community Slack workspace.


State of the Developer Nation 22nd edition

Access free data and insights on language communities, 5G and IoT, extension apps and 3rd party platforms, game development, why developers leave employers and ML/DS!


Developer Nation Pulse Report

Interested in some Developer insights? The 22nd edition of our Developer Nation survey reached 20,000+ developers and tech creators from 166 countries around the world and the report is out!


50% off the Developer Marketing and Relations: The Essential Guide
(3rd edition)

Use code DEVRELXSUMMIT and grab a copy of Developer Marketing and Relations : The Essential Guide 50% off.
Written by leading developer marketing practitioners in some of today’s largest technology companies, this book collects insights from a generation of thought leaders within the tech industry, who share them with everyone working, or planning to work in the industry.


Build and support your community with Common Room

We love seeing what healthy communities can achieve, and we’d love to help you build yours. Enter to win one of our community-focused prizes to support your developer community and beyond.


Developer Program Leaders Survey

Have your say and access insights on how DevRel and Developer Marketing professionals run their developer programs, how they prioritise their work and how they justify the value of their developer program to senior management.


There are 31.1M developers in the world

In the beginning of 2022, there are 31.1 million developers around the world.
Apply filters and see where they are located, the language the use and more in the interactive dashboard.


Access free industry insights from our developer research

2022 data to help your decision making. Spice up your presentations with these graphs and build a stronger point.


Do you want to find out more about your developer community?

Join the Developer Nation Survey Media Partner Program and get valuable insights to make data driven decisions: Segment, understand and speak to your developer network using data on 25+ trends.


The Developer Marketing Flywheel

Building a successful developer marketing program can feel overwhelming even for the most seasoned developer marketing practitioners. The Developer Marketing Flywheel will be your guide for what needs to be done, when to do it, and how to measure the results.


Want to contribute to elavating DevRel community?

Do you believe that knowledge share is fundamental in our industry? Be among the first to join and shape the DevRelX Peer Mentorship Program. Whether you are looking for guidance or you are willing to offer some, the DevRelX community will provide you with the platform to excel. As they say - "You grow by lifting others".


State of Cloud-Native development

SlashData worked together with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), to perform an in-depth analysis of the cloud native developer ecosystem. The State of Cloud Native Development report shares insights for those who want to better understand the current state of cloud native and its expected evolution.


DevRelX Podcast

DevRel for Web3, content developers love, developer communities are just few of the topics discussed in the DevRelX podcast. Industry Pros share their insights. Will you listen?


2021 Summit sessions

Want more? You can watch all 2021 sessions you missed.

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