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How to calculate a developer's dollar value

This new framework, introduced by SlashData, helps you calculate the dollar value of an onboarded developer to your community. Find out how much a new developer brings to your organisation, calculate ROI and adjust your strategy to maximise value.


What are DevRel professionals working on?

The #1 challenge for Developer Relations pros?
Growing their community.
Who said so? Developer Relations pros!
The Developer Program Leaders survey is now back to bring you more insights like this. But we need your input first.


Exclusive Developer Research

Get free access to exclusive developer research content, insights, data and trends. Explore our latest additions and answer your burning questions.

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Find a Developer event next to you

Discover all UK's IT events and Hackathons and join then to meet like minded people and expand your skills.

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DevRel Compensation & Culture Report: 2023

This year's report offers data focused on compensation, roles and responsibilities, expectations, and personal wellbeing across the DevRel industry. With it, we hope to empower more informed conversations for everyone in the community.


2 months Free

Use code 'ORBIT2' and get 2 months free on the Orbit growth plan


Improving the ROI of your technical content

In this video, shares a four-part framework to help you get a positive ROI for your content efforts, ensuring that you can make content a key business asset rather than a cost center.


Boost your DevRel game!

Meet your peers all year-long, learn from each other and stay on the top of industry news. Join our DevRelX Community Slack workspace


How will generative AI affect developers work

Find out how AI is likely to affect the work of developers based on SlashData's latest developer survey.


The Google Dev library

Google Dev Library is a curated platform for technical content written or built using Google technologies like Android, Google Cloud, TensorFlow, Flutter and more. Watch Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément, senior program manager at Google interview developers who have contributed their open source projects and blogs to find out how you can leverage their content to Develop with Google.


How to Start a Developer Relations Program

The goal of this article is to help you understand the basics you need to start a DevRel program so you can hire the right people, build an effective team structure, measure success, and report on it effectively.

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3D print the DevRelX Badge

How about a DevRelX Summit coaster to keep your drink from ruining your desk? Download the designs ready for your 3D printer and make it happen! Make sure to share the results using #DevRelXSummit

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